Strength and Quality of Nike Dunks Make Them Best Suitable For Basketball

Strength and Quality of Nike Dunks Make Them Best Suitable For Basketball

Both, the Nike Dunk high and low, have become world famous these days. Nike has used a strategy of modern technology for making luxury sports shoe to gain the attention of people. Nike has introduced Nike Duke and Nike Duke SB with many attractive designs and high quality.

This shoes are a boon to any basketball player as they provide everything that a basketball player demands, it has a unique low profile outer sole which provides for extra grip on the slippery basketball court, these players can be reassured during their sprints from one end of the court to the other, that there Nike Dunks will provide them with the extra grip.

nike dunk

This extra grip of the Dunk because of the innovative sole design helps a player to cut corners and get through the most strongest of defenses.

Another great feature of this shoe is its lightweight design, it gives a floating sensation to the player and easily helps him to get up to maximum speed in a short period of time, it enhances the ability of the player to accelerate immediately after he has stopped. The unique design of the shoe provides for a unique paneling arrangement which enhances the capacity of the player to block and pivot.

The Dunks design provides for a new meaning to the word, 'low profile', as the sole kisses the ground so that the player has minimum distance between his sole and the turf.

Traditionally Nike Dunks was considered as merely a sports shoe but it ended up becoming so popular that it was difficult to contain its popularity only till the four boundaries of the basketball court. The result was that it became a culture, a piece of art, rather than a sports shoe. The range colors provided by Nike made the Dunks a fashion statement and it mostly attracted the teenage crowd.

The Nike Air Max gained more popularity after it was reintroduced in 1998, this time the Nike Dunk was born in the form of the Nike Dunk SB; this shoe was meant for skateboarders, it was ideal for skateboarders because of its low profile and superb grip. Also the Nike Dunk has become a street fashion statement and it will remain to be one of the greatest shoes introduced till date.

The next time when you are out to purchase shoes for your sports activity, buy Nike Duke for you.

You will feel yourself that what a comfort and style is provided in these sports shoes

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